Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blog Wars

What is going on with the blogs today? I have to admit there are a few blogger females I don't care for but I don't fight about it. How well do you know your bloggers? The majority of bloggers are well known, especially the ones making money from promotions and advertising. But what about the ones who never show up to the invites? The ones who always take the products and blog about them but turn down events.

After receiving a weird email from a blogger I had a problem with I can say there is a blog war going on in internet land. A couple of bloggers ganged up on one and did so much damage she deleted her IG, Twitter and made her oh so public blog invitation only. I was out of the loop because I don't read her blog anyways, damn I missed a lot.

The once 'thank you for 2 million hits' has sadly been reduced to 'no access'  and closed indefinitely. I'm not talking about Desert Girl! It's another 'southern female' blogger. I won't go into details about what happened but lying about your life, looks and all details of your publicized relationship will end up biting you in the butt.

UPDATE: So it seems AG has ousted Expat and the city for who she truly is and for some odd reason I was dragged in the middle. I received and email fro E&TC forwarding me an old email from AG from 2013 saying some rude things about me, like I really care. I'm drama free people so leave me the hell alone! I have no time for soap opera/ drama shows, if anyone has anything to say/ask feel free to meet me, I prefer face to face. AG decided she didn't want to publish my comment on her blog, it was still in the 'comment' phase and has been deleted. That proves that AG is guilty as well or she would have published it, I guess she doesn't want people to know.

HATERS: "My name's Bennet and I ain't in it!"


  1. Alls I can say is, "What tha phuck?" I dunno. All this drama is too much for me.

    Maybe you can call it, "Investigative Reporting", but I just try to stay out of other people's business. I think most of us are anonymous for a reason (whatever your reason may be). If someone takes "poetic license" then who is to say that the world of blogsphere isn't chock full of journalistic integrity (if such a thing still exists - certainly doesn't for most print media and other mediums these days, does it?). Who knows what is fact or fiction? For me personally, I chalk blogs up to good reading. I don't know - maybe I am naiive and should question more than I do?

    I always get a good story out of Expat and The City. She has been a good blog buddy to me through the years - listening to me vent about problems I've posted about; behind the scenes and in a lot more detail than I would dare to publish. If she turns out to be a lonely old man with purple hair, I would still say, "Thank you for letting me into your blog world." It has helped me to have someone to share with.

    American Girl and Stinni are my friends in real life and I love them both dearly. They are both incredibly intelligent women with a real handle on what is going on in Kuwait (in front of and behind the scenes). I don't know anything more about the story than what I saw on EATC's blog yesterday before she closed access.

    I was shocked also when I couldn't get in to view EATC's blog because I love reading what she's got to say. I'm boycotting "that big-review-blog", so I don't get news from too many other sources (exceptions are your blog and LWDLIK - also a friend in real life).

    I don't attend events because I really want to remain publicly anonymous. Some of the stuff I write about can seriously get me/others in trouble and I don't want to go there. (Plus, I'll tell you a secret - I'm not really 29 and I don't want people to stare when they see the cold, hard truth!)

    Is what I write about the truth? Dayum - I couldn't make it up if I tried! But then, my stuff if easier to believe because I'm not blissfully happy. I'm still livin la vida loca. I have been judged and criticized over the years by a lot of people (most bloggers have and I'm sure you have too). Its not fun, but we're in a public domain where everybody has an opinion. You kind of set yourself up for it, put on your big girl panties, and move on. I try really hard not to dignify it with a response.

  2. Amen sistah! I don't associate with people because of this example. I go to events sometimes and most people don't know who the hell I am which is cool. I get vent on my blog as you do. It's funny, the email forwarded to me was sent from AG to you and ETC regarding my family and my life which I find offensive from AG. The email was from ETC and she was like 'I don't think DG would ever say anything mean" So I told her flat out that I don't have any doubt about DG.

    You are straight forward like me, if I have something to say I would say it to their face, I have no reason to hide. I am cordial to AG as a fellow blogger, I however do not consider her a friend and after I read the forwarded email my suspicions were correct. She says she isn't mean or vicious yet she thought it was ok to talk about me. Whatever! I don't have time for this but I do know that if anyone talks about my family I will handle that on a personal level.

    Maybe you and I should get some popcorn and just read the comments lol

  3. To be honest this blog should be called "Lazy in Kuwait" because there have been no interesting posts for a while. Taking pictures of old buildings as you drive through town should not qualify as a blog post. Not trying to be rude, just honest.

  4. That's actually a funny comment - +1

    Unlike other bloggers who get paid to do nothing but sit on their asses and blog about their needle sharp manicures and new turban I have something called a JOB oh and a real life soooooo sorry you are bored but hey, there are other 'funner' blogs you can read. This is a hobby dude not a paying commitment!

    1. LOL! nicely put......loved the new turban comment, spot on!

      I can see a storm was brewing between bloggers but it's good to see your blasé - i think it's appropriate in this context? - about it.

      FYI, looking forward to more mind numbing pics :)

    2. Seriously! I don't have time for this, they both know I don't like either one of them, I did tolerate AG until I saw the email. I'm not in competition and I would never put my personal life on blast. I write about camels and take boring pictures so just let me be lol

  5. Girrrrrlll, I can't remember what I had for dinner last night, so I try not to say anything bad because I won't remember it later anyways and someone else will! Same reason why I don't like to lie. I don't remember the e-mail (not surprising!) If the EATC is the person they're referring to, then I know her in real life and I really like her. Kuwait is very small. You never know. I have learned in my (29) years that sometimes you don't want to know the details of your friends/people you know. Live and let live. Get on with it. I'm sure people have a LOT to say about me (I'm pretty evil and have some very interesting skeletons... seriously). Just got to let it go and let the love in. :)

  6. Yeah, this will blow over and I will still gripe and complain and post what I like even if no else does or finds it boring lol I guess outsiders think most bloggers blog to live and don't have a life or a job, I quite like my boring pictures I post lol

  7. I just started my blog as a way to avoid the costs associated with trips to the psychiatrist... therapy. :)

  8. Please tell Expat and the City to make her website public again! because there were so many great posts about Kuwait’s museums and pre-oil houses

    PLEASE! When I Google Image 'pre oil Kuwaiti houses' the first thing that pops up is expatandthecity.com’s posts


  9. why ı cant see the expat and the city blog? ı just follow 3 blogs dg, here and ETC can someone enlıghten me pls about her blog??

  10. And I just noticed a few days back that someone dragged me into this (and the OPNO blog) somehow in the comments on AG's blog? I never read that post and had no idea what you were talking about her cuz I only ever read your blog from the Kuwait, and PinkGirlKuwait (and she's all food and turbans and manis;) ). PPL really need to not be so dramatic. Of course, if your are going to write fiction be open about that. If you are going to mix details to save identity (we do on OPNO) then be clear about it, but in the end of the day does is matter? Serriously. And I can believe you wouldn't out anyone Crazy;).

  11. Hey girl, I was shocked to see someone mention bad things about you as well. I never liked any of the people involved yet I got thrown in the middle because people made assumptions about me and my life which I found funny as hell. My husband is supposedly some old guy and some other funny things people made up. I told them to meet me if they needed clarification, I am face to face not hiding behind words. At the end of the day we are still blogging and life goes on. I still want to visit Oman!

  12. Please do:) but after the summer lol. Unless you want to go to Salalah or Misfat Al Abriyeen & Jebel Ackdhar because it is already getting hot!

    (I never ever read Expat & the City and most Kuwaiti blogs because we're all about Oman right? But I do admit i like old houses, and similar cultural ties between Gulf states, and their different way of doing things to compare etc...). Other Oman had to be your favourite Omani blogger though---she loved cars too;)


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