Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jabriya Park

It's a shame how parks are destroyed and minimal upkeep is made to the grounds. Why is it that few of the bathrooms in the park are in working condition and if they are they are gross and no way anyone would dare to enter.
Jabriya park is a huge park with so much potential. Hasn't anyone ever heard of using recycled tires to tile floor areas around the playground instead of dirt? Considering we have millions of unwanted tires just sitting in the desert I would think someone would come up with an idea of reusing them in a green way.
 Stagnant water that was full of flies
 Several benches rusted and fallen over
 Broken swings

 Garbage hidden in the bushes
 Looks like it used to be offices or something

 A huge area to play sports but I think it is one giant litter box

Who's responsible for the upkeep of parks?

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  1. Wow! this place looks like a a bum gangbang took place in the bathrooms. What a shame, we need more city beautification. The government has allocated each area with recreational public parks but I don't see why they lack follow through with upkeep and maintenance despite the over-employment. I'm not sure exactly who the responsibly entity is, but I'm sure they have a few minutes out of the tea drinking morning, afternoon and evening dewaniyas to do something about it. It's even more of a shame that the government has the capability to do all this yet feel no remorse when citizen take to it upon themselves - through private donations and volunteer work (the qortuba project) - to upgrade their public parks.
    What I see in your pictures is a broken window effect, which could snowball.
    Even Green Island hasn't been immune to such neglect - but to a much lesser extent.


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