Monday, December 15, 2014

Steak n Shake Kuwait

Welcome Steak n Shake Kuwait! Tonight was an invite only opening for the owner and his company employees, the owner happened to be my ex-boss from five years ago. So with his invitation we had a great dinner, four different kinds of burgers (Jalapeno spicy, bar-b-que, double and single) along with hand cut fries and shakes (mint, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry) which were really nice. When the restaurant is opened to the public there will also be salads and other items.
Love the classic pictures

 You can see everything being made
International staff with big smiles and ready to get it started

 Original quote from the founder who brought the see what you eat idea to his restaurant

 The staff were local, some from USA  and these guys are from Spain

The international staff will only be here for a few months and will return to their countries, hope they leave with a good idea about Kuwait- be nice people!

I think Wednesday will be the soft opening. Once completed the upstairs will have a lounge type feeling for kicking back and drinking coffee. I had never tried this place before as we had In-N-Out in California. The burger was like Smash burger and Elevation burger, sorry guys no protein burgers but if you ask for lettuce instead of a bun they can help you out.

Steak n Shake- Bnaid Al Gar- 22320110

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