Thursday, December 4, 2014

KidZania Kuwait

I finally got around to going to KidZania thanks to the special invite from the company. I didn't realize what I was in for. Upon entering it reminded me of the hotels in Vegas and the mall in Doha with the painted skies and clouds. It was an awesome experience and made me wish I was a kid again. We were given boarding passes and bracelets for tracking plus 50 'kidZos' currency in which the kids had to take the check to the NBK play bank and make a transaction.

They painted the walls from Abyat company activity and made their own bukhor from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi store. Unfortunately half of the place was closed due to maintenance so another trip is planned in the future once the areas re-open. They play acted surgeons and pediatricians changing diapers and performing surgery on a dummy.

We went on a Saturday around 3 pm and each activity took close to 20 minutes so if you plan on visiting make it an all day outing. There is a pizza place, Sultan Center and Pinkberry when you get hungry. The cost is 12 KD for kids and 8 KD for non participating adults, the children earn kidZos by working in different places and can spend them on different activities or buy some of the items for sale.  

They get to be car salesmen and drive little cars around the garage

Painting the walls

KidZania was created and developed in Mexico and is set to open in Saudi Arabia and Doha soon. It is a little expensive but everyone with children should try it at least once. There are limited places for toddlers and some with 2 years and up, a great age to really enjoy is 5 and over.

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