Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Miral Mall Complex

I finally stopped by the Miral complex today and was impressed by the water wheel and fountain. A whole bunch of coffee shops and some restaurants. But the parking is horrible!!!! If you can't find parking in front you will have to park on the side which has only one way of getting out meaning you will have to make a U-turn in a tight area if there are no cars. If the parking is full I don't know how you will get out.

Parking in Kuwait is next to impossible!

 There are still a couple places being added.
 One sheesha place upstairs

Old Kuwaiti coffee place perhaps?
 The Mongolian grill, I posted about the concept back in 2011 and voila! here it is now. If only I had the funds to be the first one to bring it, that's the story of many people's lives here.

Update: I've gone back to the restaurant and it has opened, the charge for a bowl of chicken or beef is 4.500 KD- Mixed including seafood is 5.500 KD and only seafood is 6.500KD. You get a tiny bowl to fill up with meat and a small bowl for veggies, in the states you get a big bowl to fill with meat and veggies so I think they are trying to cut back on the meat serving size. I think the prices are kind of steep.

 Plenty of coffee places for everyone, kind of an overkill

 I have no idea why anyone would place these random (what I think are) lights in the middle of the walkway. I almost tripped on one when I was trying to take a picture.
It looks nice, I can't believe how much the area has changed and how many random restaurants have been added. There are still 2-3 or more complexes being built as well as the new mall replacing Manshar in Fahaheel. The roads however have not been updated and there's no way to expand which means traffic nightmares!

Long list:
Dr Q8 Coffee, Costa Coffee, Sensation Café, Dough Café and Bakery, Red Berry, Caribou Coffee, Red Mango, Stick House, The Bistro, Home Sweet Home, Lotus Corner, Burger Fuel, TGIF, Johnny Rockets, Sweet Factory Plus, Kebobji, Esquires, Diva's, Chili's Express, The Coffee Bean, Atilla Mongolian Grill, Cocoa Cabana, Pizza Rustica, Mr Doner and Il Café Roma. So many new places I've never heard of and pleanty of coffee to say the least.

 Note- It would be better to park in the open lot next to the place so you can get out instead of getting stuck in the small parking lot. There is underground parking as well but you always take a chance of getting stuck.


  1. Where is this miral mall located ???

  2. It is located in Mangaf on the Gulf road heading towards Fahaheel passed Hilton and menus complex on the beach side.

  3. hi can u be more specific on location plz???

  4. Well, it's closer to Fahaheel, there's a burgundy apartment building on the opposite side named Rosa Castle, it has a Starbuck on the ground floor and Miral is on the other side on the beach. Email me your location and I can give you directions if you can't find it.

  5. There is basement parking! Everytime I go down there it's always almost empty.

  6. Hi! I'm here now. Just landed in Kuwait last week, had my first day off, and found the Hardees/Burger King to be closed until 10am. Culture shock lol.

    Near place, if more expensive than I would've thought

    1. Welcome to Kuwait, which BK are you talking about? The one in Mahboula? If you go further down there is a McD that opens all the time. You can send me an email with your questions or anything you need to know, don't worrky I got ur back.

  7. Thanks! Emailed ya and found you on Instagram 👊 (@cigarnoise)


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