Sunday, October 11, 2015

Kuwait zoo moving to Mutlaa?

“The zoo will be transferred to Mutlaa from its present location in Omariya. It will be much bigger there. I don’t think that the distance will stop people from visiting it, as today the roads are modern and a long drive is part of a picnic far away from the city. Also, Mutlaa will be a residential city and to have the zoo there is better than in a crowded area,”

---Seriously? I don't think I will travel to the border of Iraq to see some animals!


  1. Mutlaa is nowhere near the border of Iraq, it's about 15 minutes drive from Jahra.

    Actually, people go all the way to Abdily which is at the Iraqi border on a weekly basis.

  2. it will not be that far. The new site is in Jahra (close to Sulayil Al-Jahra resort) with about 1.4 million square meters of land for the zoo. Its still though a long time from happening.

  3. It's still far, I used to work in Jahra and that's a hell of a ride to see some crazy animals. I know some people who have never even been to Jahra and I doubt they will start once the zoo is up but if the project is anything like the airport we will never see it anyways.


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