Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hassan Ashkanani Museum

I finally got the chance to visit the family museum owned by Hassan Ashkanani in Bayan. It is a grand collection of old historical items from Kuwait as well as family archives and pictures. I love the fact that each piece has a story and a lot of them are linked to his grandfathers and other relatives who held on to their documents and are now on display.

 H. Ashkanani is an Assistant Professor of anthropology and archaeology at Kuwait University and has been collecting antiques since he was twelve years old. His is aim is to document the old life of Kuwait which includes the pre independence era when the Kuwaiti people limited their life inside the wall.

Inside the wall was a specific lifestyle associated with a specific economic activity. I believe literature doesn't cover the lifestyle details except for some major political, economic and such events. Through 'material culture' we will have a better insight into the old life of Kuwaiti people. How did they live? What materials did they use to survive? What materials did they use in their daily life?

It's a journey of understanding ourselves and how we helped build Kuwait.

You can find more information in Arabic on the website and his IG @has_ashkanani

Thank you Hassan for the visit and education, I really appreciated it and could've spent hours listening to your stories.

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