Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pet Zone

I finally visited Pet Zone, my sister had me go with her to pick up a cage for her flying squirrel. I was really impressed, the interior was so clean with a laid back atmosphere. The decor was really nice as well, I don't have any pets so it will probably be the only time I visit. I was disappointed that they didn't have a reptile section, only a couple of iguanas, no snakes or lizards. No cats or dogs but a whole lot of supplies.

The grooming area was the busiest part
 Beautiful Toucans that are not for sale
 I never thought of turning the mining carts into furniture

Overall a nice place, prices are a little high but they have everything you could want for your pet. I think they should have someone on hand that has pet store experience to answer questions. My sister and mom both worked in pet shops in the states and can tell you everything A to Z about animals. My sister was advising a couple Kuwaiti girls on what to get for their rabbits. They wanted a small cage for their rabbit so they can take it in the car! I was like wow, do they know rabbits are not like cats and dogs?

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