Monday, October 12, 2015

Husband caught with GF

A woman in Kuwait was shocked when she she saw her husband with another woman in a shopping mall and fainted on the spot.
The husband, who was also shocked, not only ran away, leaving his wife to be attended by the mall’s paramedics, but also fled from Kuwait.

This incident went viral on social media.

Many said that the husband’s reaction is worse than his shameful affair.

Mubarak, a Kuwaiti man, said that no matter what the consequences, he should not left his wife in that condition and run away. “He should have expressed regret and begged her to forgive him. Not run away. He is a coward.”

Abeer, a Kuwaiti woman, felt sorry for the wife. “I can imagine her shock. It must have been difficult for her to see her husband with another woman. How dare he cheat her and how dare he do it in a public place. He doesn’t deserve her and if I was in her place, I would never go back to him. She should seek divorce.”

Noura, another Kuwaiti woman, said the incident shows that the husband is a mean person and that she deserves a better man.

“Good that she found out what kind of person he is. She deserves a better husband, a real man, not this coward.”

-----Oh hell no! If I was the wife, the paramedics would have been called to pick up his battered body, not there to pick me up from fainting.


  1. can you believe that some of the comments regarding the incident in instagram were blaming the wife !!!! that she left with house without her husband`s permission!! that is why she doesn't expect to see him in that mall !!Sick people

    Any way If I was the wife I will go to them & say hi , but I don`t know what will happen next

  2. Where do you get these stories from? I don't recall reading about this in social media.

  3. No, girl! Why make a public spectacle out of it and provide evidence? Go home. Wait for hubby. Make him a good meal and let him sleep; either are opportunities for a heinous revenge. I detest weak women. Fainting! HA. MAKE HIM SUFFER.

  4. Oh, by the way, I caught my boyfriend with another woman in the car a few weeks ago and tried to crash my car into his. I missed. It was the biggest tragedy of the evening.


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