Sunday, October 4, 2015

A message from Operation Hope

October 1, 2015

Dearest Friends of OH,

Queenie became a friend of OH soon after her leg was amputated. She had declined the necessary treatment for cancer when her pregnancy was confirmed. Soon after giving birth to a beautiful boy, she was also an amputee. She is the mother of two other sons as well, who live with her family in the Philippines. The oncologist says that she has less than two months to live as the cancer rages through her [now] 26 kilogram body; and that if she is to return to her native homeland, it must be immediate. We need your help to get her home as soon as possible. Accompanying will be her husband and toddler, and a medical nurse to assist Queenie. Additionally we are attempting to organize an ambulance to transport her from the airport in Manilla the remaining one hour and thirty minute drive to her family’s home. In short we need help to purchase air tickets for three adults and one toddler, cover the cost of the ambulance in Manilla, ship personal effects via sea cargo, and funds to help ease the financial burden of Queenie’s eventual burial. If you are able to help in any small or larger way, please contact us at to arrange your support as soon as possible. We hope to have Queenie and her family on their way home by the end of this week.

“. . .a time to plant and a time to uproot. . .”

We have decided to hone our attention to the grassroots of our mission which is to serve needy street and agricultural workers, as well as domestic workers in distress in Kuwait, and to give assistance to people like Queenie. As we re-focus our energy on the original objective HOPE House will serve solely as a holding area for the thousands of thermal clothing sets, gloves, socks and hats which we endeavor to pack and distribute each year. In light of this change we will discontinue receiving your gently used items, and encourage that you seek another worthy venue for your precious donations.

“. . .a time to love. . .”

The support which we have received over the past ten years from this community never ceases to bless me! And as I reflect upon the thousands of people this mission of mercy has served I am truly awestruck by God’s amazing and continuous provision of help. From the beginning He has provided through people just like you; and His gentle nudges to open and extend our hands to help our neediest brothers and sisters in Kuwait has provoked people young and old to come alongside OH. My hope is that each of us would continue to obediently respond to His gentle nudges by helping one another as and when we are able.

Sheryll Husain Mairza, Founder

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