Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Arabia Mall Egaila -Sultan Center Warehouse

Adding to the list of malls in Egaila is Arabia Mall which also empty of stores and the few that are open are not name brand. The coffee shops are doing well for now as people are enjoying the outside seating areas. 

 We looked for the Arcade/entertainment but it didn't exist, maybe at a later date everything will open up.
This of course is a great attraction for the mall
 In this area one has to lock up the rocks
 Or this will continue to happen

 Sultan Center Warehouse

These lovely golden camels, my friend thought I was at NBK

It is empty as of now and I doubt any name brands will be brought in, just like Baraiq mall which has Centerpoint as the only name brand retail store. I don't know how these shops stay in business. The Gate Mall has brought in upscale and known brands so I can't understand why they would open two more malls in the same block. No there are around ten different shopping areas with two more under construction in one block and zero planning for parking. It seems kind of extreme considering the economic downfall currently going on.

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