Sunday, March 13, 2016

Paramotor adventure in Kuwait

We were invited to fly with the guys of the Kuwait Air Sports Center in the desert and of course be the freaks we are we couldn't pass it up although I am scared of heights. I've seen the little flying buggies on the Amazing Race and I was like nope, never will I try that. Of course I had to be the first one to try because my friends 'love' me so much. 

We got there late because some females take forever to get ready. The team is being trained by Javier Lopez Malaguita @javiermalaguita and he is awesome and a little crazy. They wheeled out what looked like a big baby stroller with a giant kitchen fan attached to the back of it. Of course my friends volunteered me first (thanks ladies) so with my fear of heights I strapped on my helmet and strapped myself in hoping my shoes would not fly off  (a pair of flats because I had no real idea of what we were doing) and prayed I wouldn't cry like a big baby.

In reality it was awesome, I didn't record it because sometimes you just want to experience something alone and enjoy it. We soared above the chalets (now I know what they got going on, one had 3 pools combined) and over the ocean, there are no words to describe how relaxing it was to be away from everything and enjoy nature's beauty.

The view from number 2's flight

That would be Javi soaring through the air with his glowing shoes and doing tricks scaring us when he turned off the motor and was doing tricks, I couldn't watch.

Video from number 2's flight
There is a flight school in which the guys will train people and take them flying, their IG @kuwaitairsportscentre and their website link I don't know the prices but you can call 55902050 for more information.

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