Sunday, March 20, 2016

Taste of Q8

The second year for the Taste of Q8 event, no invite for me this year which is perfectly fine as I know they needed the 3 KD I paid. My friends invited me so I couldn't say no even though I tried. The event lasted 3 days and you paid 3 KD for entrance fee to walk around an area with different food related booths. It kind of reminded me of Costco when they would give out free samples, I miss those days. 

Coca Cola was giving out free drinks and cocktails, Al Ameed coffee was giving turkish coffee making course along with a free gift. The prices of the food for sale was still retail even though my friend insisted the prices were cheaper. Last year (link) it was much bigger and held at Mishref fairgrounds while this year it was held at Marina Crescent. The parking was horrible and it was a mess trying to get out but it was something to do in Kuwait considering the country lacks any kind of entertainment.

 Coca Cola making cocktails with a smile
 The cutest little camper for a pie catering business

 Wicked sheeshas at the Bazaar chill area
 Jenny Morris
 Reza Mohamed
So there was a band of white guys playing guitar and singing some songs, my friend went and asked if he knew 'Sweet Home Alabama' he tried a few chords but didn't know it, turns out they were Canadian eh'....

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