Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tareq Rajab Museum

Yesterday I came across the website for the Tareq Rajab Museum in Jabriya so I took my girls with me to check it out. It was about 4 p.m. and no one was there except the guards. They charged me 2 kd to get in, supposedly under 16 is free even though on the website it says free, hmm... are the guards making some money on the side? If only I could pass for 16 NOT! Anyways we entered the museum and it was so beautiful.

So many wonderful artifacts from different time periods. I wanted to take some pics for my blog until I saw the NO PICTURES sign. The rebel in me wanted to take some just to be defiant. So with a few loud coughs I got a couple pics. You can visit the website for better pics, my camera phone sucks. It's a huge museum. The guards come and check on you every so often. I thought I was being slick about taking pics until my daughter points out there is a guard coming. As I put the phone in my pocket a "clicking" sound went off. BUSTED!

I jokingly told the guard I wasn't taking any pics, it was just an accident. Yeah right! Then why did I keep rambling and break into a sweat? I'm not a very good liar it seems. Anyways as we went into the other section there's a guy sitting on the left. My daughter comes to me and tells me Mom! "There's cameras everywhere and the guy is watching you!" I guess that's why he grumbled at me when I said hi to him. BUSTED again! I just use the "I'm an American tourist and I didn't know" excuse. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

The museum is owned by a Kuwaiti married to an expat lady and they have collected these things since the 50's. They also own the New English School around the corner from the museum so they have the funding to travel everywhere. There is a second museum right around the corner from it. But remember no pictures, although you might want to offer the guard a couple kd and he might let you slip. Remember in Kuwait anything is possible.

The entrance.

You can visit the website for more detailed information and pictures at : http://www.trmkt.com/


  1. hi,i have just found ur blog. and was checking pervious posts. found good and now your blog is in my bookmarks list now.
    regarding 2KD honestly security guys took it for them.i have visited also and it is free.

  2. Aha! That's what I figured. They actually tried to charge me 6KD but then said children under 16 are free. I got duped again.

  3. just tell em your kids go to NES and mention Mrs Doran's name (head-mistress)
    as an NES alumni, i figure i might try and go for free, i remember going to the museum twice; once with TES (my old school) as a field-trip, and once with NES as an assignment. the second visit proved disastrous as one of the kids defiled the art-work, and sat on an antique chair that said "please do not sit". tragic.

    its refreshin to see life in q8 thru ur eyes, keep it up!

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  5. huh? wierd, cuz when i went there it was free.


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