Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alia and Ghalia Towers, Mahboula

We all look for a unique place to visit in Kuwait. Alia and Ghalia Towers in Mahboula is one of the original landmarks from the early days of Kuwait when expats were here working for the oil companies. When I moved here it was a lonely looking tower that I didn't visit but as the expat population in the area grew restaurants were added. Now there's a Johnny Rocket's, Cinnabun and of course Starbucks there. Inside there's a gym for women, a gym for men and my favorite, the bowling alley.

It takes me back to the 80's when I used to bowl with my step-dad, before all the electronic calculating and cool computer programs. I remember trying to add up all the scores by hand. Well this is the same concept, no frills just straight bowling at a cheap price. OK, the bowling balls have had better days, you have to write down everything and the shoes have put on mileage but hey for 500 fils a game what do you expect? There are only 6 lanes so it can get crowded. I took my kids when they opened at 3pm and no one was there. They have pool tables and a snack bar.

If you go to Cozmo bowling alley they charge 3.500 kd a game and of course no one really knows how to play. We were taught to wait for the person beside you to finish and then it's your turn. Not here! Your lucky if you get a chance to throw your ball without everyone going at the same time. It's really funny to see the guys bowl in their national dress (disdasha). They wrap it up around their waste and go at it.

Kuwait! Gotta love it!

Above are some pics of the Towers and inside there are some shops. The best place to buy DVD's! The reception guy will add up the scores for you if you need help. I totally forgot how to add scores so I have to wait until he adds them to see who wins. The bowling alley is open from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m. and it's located in the basement next to the guy's gym. Enjoy!!


  1. Is the bowling alley reopened again? They had demolished it.

  2. Sadly, I was told by my husband a few months ago that they closed it. I don't think they will re-open it. It sucks, 500 fils per game was great. Most of the old things in Kuwait are being destroyed little by little.

  3. What is the exact location of Alia-Ghalia Tower? coz I wanna visit when I got a free time.

  4. It's located in Abu Halaifa area off exit 209. Unfortunately they have demolished the bowling alley and will probably build something else there instead.

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    1. Hi can you tell me how much rent is thier

  6. Loll nice to see my fathers company constructed these towers n i heard i was name after these towers...luv to visit it...

  7. Really? That's pretty cool. It's too bad they removed the bowling alley but they have added coffee shops and restaurants although the interior still looks like the early days lol


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