Saturday, March 20, 2010

Go Kart Track!

No matter what age we are we still have that little kid inside of us crying out. My little kid inside loves Go Karts. Located in Dasman (for those who corrected my location I googled it this time so the location should be correct according to Google) to the right of the towers. It's also next to the paintball place. So you could make it a day trip, have lunch at Chili's then walk down to the Towers and take a view from the top, visit the go-karts and then take a shot at your friends with paintball guns.

On your way back down Gulf street stop by the National Museum and the head home. Perfect!? Maybe I should start taking people on tours, I do have a big a$$ SUV to haul some folks around. I'd have to make sure everyone brought their helmets, driving in Kuwait is like a rally race. Summer is already here which means most activities will have to be done when it's cooler in the day starting at sunset. I'm thinking all of the recent earthquakes have shifted this side of the earth closer to hell because there aren't any more winters and it's already geting hot. Can you believe I used to wear an Eskimo jacket because it was so cold?

I know, I know the cars are a little cheesy.

The track is decent size.

Another track view.

Aqua Park in the back.



  1. HI! I would like to say yhat your blog is very useful for people who just arrived to kuwait like me. Thanks for sharing all this information about this lovely city!
    you've posted lately about a hair salon, I would like to know where is it exactely (I won't ask for the lebanese lady though;))or if you heard about another good one in Mahboula area.

  2. The hair salon is at Mareena Towers in Mahboula. In between Bread Talk and the Sable, the chocolate place. Please ask for Josie, she's the best. The phone number is 23724440

  3. Lamia, I am Kuwaiti born and bred and I find this blog very useful :p
    I didnt know there was a go kart circuit in Kuwait (well i know of the one in Mishref but never tried it)
    I found this blog 3 days ago and went and read every single post.
    Keep it up

  4. yah Josie is cool ,she did my hair, a cut and color..good job...go visit her..she's nice!!!


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