Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fahaheel Bazaar

We're all looking for something interesting to do during our stay in Kuwait and what better what to spend time than shopping. I like to go to local places to shop, usually I find something out of the ordinary in these shops. Alot of expats go to the Fahaheel Bizarre to find inexpensive gifts.

When entering don't be alarmed when the shop people yell at you to come into their store, that's just their way to generate business. I really feel like a walking dollar sign when I go to these places. I know they see me and raise the prices. When I came here 6 years ago you might be able to bargain with these guys but as the amount of expats increased so did their prices. The market is located across the street from Al Manshar mall.

I usually park my car across the street in the mall parking and walk over, trying to outrun the Kuwaiti drivers. There are several other shops on the other side of Al Ghanim too. When you want to buy something give them your price and if they don't agree then start to walk off as if you don't care, the shop guys will usually lower the price to bring you back. Stand your ground! There are so many of the same stores that someone will eventually give you a reasonable price.

It's usually calmer during the day before all the people come out.


  1. Hi California girl! I have to say that I love your blog. I found it before I arrived in Kuwait on business. I just realized that the Baazar is across the street from my hotel. Do you recommend converting to dinars before I head over, or would they accept visa? I like to be prepared to negotiate :) Thanks again for your blog- it has been quite fun reading!

  2. Hey!!!!!! Thanks for the feedback. I would deifinitely recommend getting dinars that way they can't change the prices around. Try to bargain with them as there are many other shops selling the same items. IF you don't like the price try walking away they might back down but the more you stand your ground the better. They got spoiled by foreigners now. Back in the day we used to bargain for what we wanted. Ahh the good ole' days......

  3. Hi California girl. Is there any other shops like Fahaheel in Kuwait?

  4. If your looking for souk type markets there is Friday Market and Mubarakiya. Souk Mubarakiya is a very large shopping area that has been in Kuwait since the beginning. I've posted about both, you can use the search engine to find the posts.


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