Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mareena Palace Salon- DraAaaaMaaa!

I decided yesterday it was time for me to get my hair done at my fav salon. It's not the salon that I like but the Filipino stylist Josie. Actually my first visit to the salon was quite traumatic. My friend took me there as she liked their service and she knew I couldn't find or trust anyone to do my hair in Kuwait. I gave it a try. I figured the manager being Lebanese knew what she was doing. A lot of the stylists here are Lebanese and they are known for their flair. I wanted red with blonde highlights, no biggie right? WRONG! Even after showing her a pic on my laptop she felt I needed black hair with red strips! NO WAY! Then she proceeded to butcher my hair with regular scissors not stylist scissors.

In the end I had chunks of hair missing and I started crying. Mess with anything except a woman's hair do. Then Josie took over and fixed my hair and I was happy with the outcome so I've been going to only her for 3 years now. A lot of the customers are expats as well as Kuwaiti chicks. It never fails that some drama happens when I'm there.

I came at 3 p.m. to make sure Josie was there and she would have time for me. After waiting an hour her 4 p.m. didn't show so she started on my hair. Well at 5:30 the Kuwaiti chicks decided to show up for their 4 p.m. appointment. Typical. They come when they feel like it and expect immediate service. They chilled out for a little while talking and drinking their coffee they brought like they were sitting in their living room. Then they became restless and started asking about their turn. Here we go, I knew this was the start of a big problem.

She left me in the middle of highlighting to tend to these chicks. I was thinking about my poor hair and hoping it wouldn't mess up. Josie handed of one of the chicks to the other stylist. No problem. As she finished my hair she started working on the other chicks highlights. I knew this couldn't be good. She was taking too much in order to satisfy those noisy chicks. Josie asked the Lebanese manager to come over and finish up while she took care of me. The manager didn't ask about the highlights, she just began working.

I finished up and it was time for my cut and blow dry, that is until the Kuwaiti chick blew up and started yelling. I guess the manager realized she didn't know how big the highlight strips were until the last part. Josie left me to tend to the raging female. She was yelling in English and Arabic and going craaaazy. Josie made the mistake of saying she treats American and Kuwaiti customers the same. Crap! I was not wanting to fight but if someone said something about Americans I'd have to step in. The Lebanese manager came to me as if she wanted to cut my hair. Hell freaking NO! I was no, no I'll wait for Josie. I had a flashback of her butchering my hair. PTSD.

I did however put my 2 cents in trying to take up for Josie who was taking a verbal beating from that woman. It was awful and I felt so bad for her. The chick was yelling at her about how she paid money and deserved service and blah, blah, blaaaaah! Josie did defend herself telling the chick that she did have a 4 p.m. appointment and she came 1 1/2 hours late. The chick pretty much told her to shut up and don't say another word to her.

As Josie came back to finish my hair she started crying and I felt so bad to see an older lady cry because of some chick who has no respect for people. I tried to cheer her up but I could see the look of sadness in her eyes. It's not like the manager pays her a lot of money. Josie works 2 weeks with only 1 day off and has to pay for her own housing and transportation which leaves her with a 100 kd. If it weren't for Josie the salon wouldn't have 1 customer coming in.

Josie you are one in a million and I appreciate all you do!


  1. i v always observed how the treatment of salon assistants n expat hair stylist are very poor in kuwait..n its preety sad!!but i would like to refer you to a superb salon in kuwait -'oriental princess ',its in salmiya near marina.They are very professiional n they usually do an excellent job with haircuts...layering n volumising to perfection..not really sure about how good they are with highlights though.

  2. I have been going to "oriental princess" for 4 years now, and you really should try it. The service is excellent, everyone is given an electronic swipe-card with their number when they come, so that the people who come early get served first. I havent tried getting highlights or hair coloring, but give them a picture of anyyy hair cut and rest assured they will nail it. It is a great value for your money because you feel like you are getting the best professionals for half the price you would pay at an upscale salon, and the ambiance and decor are so relaxing!
    p.s: they used to have THE BEST lady for eyebrow threading, but she recently left to opened her own salon one street away from oriental princess and its called "super beauty"

  3. hey guys my wedding is comin soon ,and im concidering some beaty salons ,so plz did any one of u tried oriental princess hair stylist and make up artist ,ill be so thankful if u provided me with thier web site


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  5. I came across your blog while googling " hair salons for filipinas on kuwait" lol
    It was pretty interesting reading about your experience, and it's something like that that discourages me from getting my hair done in kuwait!
    I'm Filipina-American ( grew up in the states since I was almost a year old and moved to Kuwait since February of this year due to my husband's job.
    I have noticed that the people here ( and not making a complete judgement of ALL Kuwaitis ), but they have not been the most pleasant or friendly to me. I'm not sure if it's because I'm Filipina or what. But the kind of craziness you experienced is not too cool! lol
    But I will try and give oriental princess a try.
    Oh, and another thing I have heard is the horror storied that if you DO make an appointment, that some salons have you waiting LONG anyway, which I want to avoid!
    Thanks for sharing and regards to you :D
    Louella From Florida, USA

  6. Hi, is Josie still working at the Mareena Salon? I've been looking for a good stylist here in the Mahboula/Fintas area. -K

  7. Josie is working in Mahboula now, if you want her number email me. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I come across your blog and was looking for a good stylist. Do you know where in Mahboula Josie work?

    2. She will be going back to Mareena Palace now that is under new ownership but she's waiting on her visa. You can also try Tifani hairstyles, I did a post on it so you just put tifani hairstyles in the search box.

  8. Hi. What is your email address ? I'd like to have my hair done by Josie too.

  9. You can find it in the contact tag


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