Thursday, March 25, 2010

Constant Attacks

I would like to just let everyone know that this blog was made to inform people about what Kuwait has to offer. Unfortunately some posts have become a forum for attacks. I'm not here to bad mouth anyone from anywhere but when I'm being attacked or I feel some people are bad mouthing expats I cannot sit back and take it especially when the person speaking bad is not an angel. This is not a website that speaks bad about Kuwaitis or any people as it is a site to show people the positive aspects of Kuwait.

For those who try to use this site as a place to bad mouth people I will not tolerate it and I will not post any more comments that may spark racial attacks. I have posted all comments as I know every person is different and everyone reads into a post differently. Recently there have been some extremely negative comments being made so for all of those people who want to turn my site into a WWF smack down go find another hobby!

Thanks to all of those who have posted positive feedback I'm glad my site helps you find all the little things Kuwait has to offer.


  1. i think you mean WWE; the World Wild-life Foundation sued them a while back so now they're World Wrestling Entertainment.
    Kudos on wat u r doin tho, keep on truckin'!

  2. although i am not an expat but i find your blog very useful and i keep visiting everyday to see whats new in Kuwait. it is very interesting to see Kuwait from an other prospective.

    keep up the good work. cheers

  3. You're the best, please keep up the good work.

  4. I have just recently found your blog and I love it! Thanks for getting all the info about the places to see. Really appreciate it :D

  5. Seriously forget about these idiots who think they can write what they want! Your blog is becoming popular and keep up the good work!

    As a Kuwaiti I do appreciate that you show the positive aspects! I get shot a lot of crappy comments, the internet is open to good people as well as idiots, bes thing to do is delete and enjoy! :D

  6. hy! how are you! i find very interesting your blog!i`m european girl and i have a boyfriend who is from kuwait, and if you don`t mind i want that u tell me about how are the women treat in kuwait,i know that people are diiferent but i want to hear your honest opinion if u don`t mind!thank you and all good things!


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