Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paintball in Kuwait

I bet you never thought there could be a place to practice your paintball skills, did ya? There is a location in Salmiya close to Kuwait Towers and Aqua Park. I did see it a few years ago when I went to Aqua Park on women's day. That was an experience itself. There are just some things you don't ever want to see. But anyways from the top of one of the slides you can see the paintball field. It's pretty big holding up to 200 players.

They have a store for all the paintball accessories too. So when you and your friends are feeling frustrated go on over to the paintball park and let it all out. I haven't tried it yet because I have to find 10 more friends. For more information visit their website:

Happy Hunting!


  1. My dear, Salmya not near Kuwait Towers. Thats Benaid Algar and Sharq

  2. Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately they don't have signs here that seperate the different areas like in the states. Everyone is familiar with Salmiya that's why it's easier to not go into specific area details and just use Salmiya as a generalization.

  3. is there a paintball shop in kuwait? please i need a paintball gun. please reply as soon as possible

  4. As a global sport in every sense, really not surprised to hear there is even a paintball centre in Kuwait! What kind of paintball games do they host? Also, for the person need paintball guns, try any second-hand forums online. For information on how to use equipment, try Delta Force news.

  5. Thanks for sharing this useful post. I found an awesome website from this blog. Paintball-kuwait dot com is looks like a informative website. You have pointed out some excellent points.


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