Monday, March 22, 2010

Al Sadu House

When I posted information about the National Museum I touched on the subject of the Al Sadu House. It's a beautiful place to visit. It's a place where they preserve the traditional art of Bedouin weaving. Its located in a old Kuwaiti house built in 1936. There are weavers on site Sunday and Wednesday in the mornings. You can see them weave the traditional rugs and crafts.

They have weaving classes and workshops for interested people. I was told the next class would start in November. There's a reference library and a digital database of the textiles and weaving traditions of Kuwait as well as an arts and crafts shop in which all proceeds of sales go to the local weavers and artisans. They have a traditional doll making class for children as well. I tried to buy one of the dolls pictured below but was told I would have to bring my daughter and attend one of the classes and we can make our own dolls. Come on! Just give me an amount, it's much easier than taking classes.

The weaving areas.

Cute little dolls I wanted.

Traditional carrier that sits on top of the camel.

You can find more information on their website:


  1. DUDE those look like vodoo dolls to me..yah you need to get one, a male one..and I have a good idea on who you can use it on....:)


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