Saturday, March 13, 2010

Expat party at the Party Villa-Busted by the cops!

Ever since I've lived at this location there's a Kuwaiti party at the party villa almost every weekend. The police drive up to the Kuwaitis and then leave, it seems someone has ties with the po-po. At 10:30 last night I saw some Americans gathering outside so I figured they finally found a place to party. Little by little the contractors pull up in their SUVs , Camrys and Gallants. You can spot contractors from a mile a way by the way they dress. Polo shirts tucked into their Docker's and the others in baggy jeans. Sorry guys but it's so true.

The bodyguards at the gate and the American guy sitting at the table checking the guest list and taking payment makes it so obvious. Some chicks pulling up to the party in a Taxi only to find out their date isn't there. Sorry ladies. Finally I went to bed around midnight. At about 4 a.m. I woke up to the sound of police sirens. The Americans were busted by the cops! A single line of contractors were led out from the villa. I didn't see anyone arrested although there were 6 patrol cars circling the area. They were looking for contractors leaving the party.

Some people thought the police were gone so they came sneaking out of the villa only to find the cops circling again and stopping them to check their civil ID's. I know Kuwait tends to be boring and dull but contractors have to know that alot of people are not fond of them. I'm watching Kuwaiti kids leading the police to the expats who were hiding. I see Kuwaiti girls taking pictures and watching it all go down and laughing. Yeah I was ticked off considering all the harassment going on. I've watched Kuwaiti guys and girls falling out of cars drunk, fighting in the street and acting like fools and no one ever gets in trouble.

I was told the head of CID (criminal investigation department) does not like Americans at all and looks for chances to hassle them. From the airports some expats are hassled. The police station is another subject all together. If you get in trouble with the police even for a simple car accident you might find yourself locked up and don't think your sponsor will rescue you either. I'm not saying Kuwait is a bad country but you have to keep a low profile here and don't think you're invincible, things are constantly changing here and unfortunately some expats have given Kuwaiti's a bad idea by doing stupid things.

Beginning of the night.

More and more people.

Tickets please.

Uh-Oh... 5-0

The villa during the day, note the security camera and the privacy thingy.

Make sure you can trust the people your partying with.


  1. an old joke:

    What're three things that are wrong with Americans?
    1- They're over paid
    2- They're over sexed
    3- They're over here.

  2. I could add a few more to that but I will remain neutral. :)

  3. I really hope wht you said about the CID is true, because we had it with those American contractors. They act as if they own the lands while the truth is they're nothing but money lovers. They act like shit, drive like shit, and if you see what kind of special treatment they get makes us feel like shit too.

    I dont know what kind of hassle you talk about at the airport, from what i have seen they enter the country without having to get their passports stampped. funny how we can't get into our own country without having our passport cheked.. while all they have to do is flash a document and without even reading it they just let them through.

  4. That is honestly pretty funny what you pointed out. I think that people go out to have fun, but drinking isn't something to be taken lightly here, some people get off and some people get screwed. And even in police stations with accidents we get hassled by the cops inside, one time I was in Al Qurain police station and that was a disaster!

  5. 7aram alaik anonymous y3aney kuwaitiat mo chithi? I think there are Kuwaiti folks who are equally dangerous. Where do you think Americans learned how to drive here? I know I did. As far as flashing your passport at the airport if you have your civil ID you can travel to the gulf countries without your passport and for flashing a card, you must be referring to the DOD cards. Those are used mainly by transtioning military. Why the anger? Did someone pee in your coffee? My soon to be ex-husband is Kuwaiti so I know all to well the games played by your fellow citizens. I must also go back to the 90's and the beginning of the American invasion. I'm sure at that time everyone appreciated the help they provided in liberating your country? I know all the Kuwaiti companies love the money they are making off the US army both legal and illegal. I love to debate especially when I walk the line between Americans and Kuwaitis.

  6. Proud to be KuwaitiMarch 25, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    First of all ladies and gentlemen, I think everyone is generalizing this whole issue and adding their bits and pieces.
    Yes there are corrupt americans and there are corrupt Kuwaities.. It goes both ways. But dont attack Kuwait or Kuwaities.. if you dont like it here just leave.. at least that way we have less people living in Kuwait.
    Again "Crazy in Kuwait" The US started the invasion into Kuwait when your american ambassador Glasby I think was her name went to Sadam and when he asked her about invading Kuwait she didnt answer him back, which gave him the green light to invade. The US wanted to set foot in the Gulf and thats how they did it. The US army is being paid to stay in Kuwait , the Americans never did liberate us because they started all of this and are still here while we are paying for all expenses.
    As for the rest of the posts.. We all have parties in Kuwait and we all drink and dance but have never been caught.. if you as an expat are having a party and placing your bodyguards out in Mahboula and place a table to collect entrance fee, c'mon how "stupid" can one be.. Do it discreetly and you can enjoy the party..
    My suggestion to all lets not generalize and lets not attack Kuwaities . We are not perfect, but if your gonna attack why dont you leave. Why are you in Kuwait? Isnt it all about making enough money and leaving, tax FREE....

  7. Mr. "proud" first of all I never attacked any Kuwait. Second of all it's opinion so why are you getting so upset if you don't like it don't read it. Third of all not all Kuwaiti people are bad but when someone attacks first I will respond. The only real response you have is the typical "if you don't like it leave" bs. I'm in Kuwait as my daughter is Kuwaiti as well as my nephew. I'm not your typical American so you don't generalize about us either. Once again many companies are making a killing off the expat population so don't generalize us as money hungry people when Americans are being chased down by people here trying to get business from them. Go to the Hilton and see how many people are hovering there waiting for business. Everyone is making something so serious when it's purely opinion. You can talk about everyone but when the backlash comes it's always "if you don't like it leave" so only you can say something and no one is to respond? GET IT STRAIGHT, I never said anything bad only the truth so obviously YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. In the future I will not post any comments which may spark this type of behavior because it's childish.

  8. i love americans. but contractors here are overpaid redneck truck drivers.

  9. You forgot the theives and thugs and gangstas who came here riding around on 26 inch rims with gold and diamond grills in their mouth.

  10. ok here's the thing... more than a couple of my friends are contractors... and i've met the bad and i've met the good ... just like everything in this world... dont judge the contractors :P and yes im kuwaiti... but quite multicultural and just looking for some peace and quiet. There are good kuwaitis and there are bad kuwaitis... and there are good Americans... and there are bad americans... and there are good contractors and there are bad contractors :P

  11. If you are a Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Filipina Maid then you know a side of Kuwait that many do not know.

    Or if you that worker in a farm who was beat to death by his Kuwaiti sponsor for not doing his choires and then the court refused to give a sentence then u will know a side of kuwait that many do not know.

    Or if u are for a south east asian country, poor african country and u r deceive to come to work in Kuwait with empty promises that 8 out 10 do not get fufill. where you have to work long hrs, no days off and expect abuse is the norm, then u will know a side of kuwait that many do not know.

    at last but not least, remember Allah knows best......


  12. Contractors overpaid so what, also Kuwaiti people overpaid too and everything is very for them and they never and never get satisfied, they always want more and they do not accept non Kuwaiti to get paid more money because of envying. Let me tell my Kuwaiti friends, the real workers and who make this country move are non-Kuwaitis such as Indians and bangli (Bangladesh )and other nationalities .90% of Kuwaitis do paper work ,they are careless and lazy.
    Kuwaiti people very well, they do not appreciate friendship because they do not know the meaning of friends. They are materialistic and fake. I advise expats not to make deep relationship with Kuwaitis just keep it simple.

  13. If I'm not mistaken, the villa is right in-front of Burger-king, the inner one in the desert behind this bilingual school there, right? I remember heading to the parties they hosted every now and then. I recall it being 20KD per person. Their parties were cool, actually lacked any philipino's or Chinese people. People there were actually Americans, Non Asians and/or Africans. Equal amount of guys as girls, or even more girls than guys, unlike other house parties. Thumbs up for the hosts. =) Good days dude, good days.

  14. HI everyone. seems that there i a bit of gripe from the westerners who cannot adapt to the East culture and way of life. I am a South African looking to come and work in Kuwait and it seems that many people have a lot of negativity towards Kuwait. I ask as a person looking in from the outside. Are the foreigners upset coz they cannot continue their party hungry lives? sex, drugs, alcohol and rock n roll? or do they complain they not making money? Seriously guys/gals. Do not impose your lifestyles on those who want peace, quiet and safety above all else. SA'n

  15. LOL I am a US citizen with an arabic background currently UNFORTUNATELY IN kUWAIT if I start talking about the DAILY nonsense I witness It won't look good, but to be diplomatic let me say this 'Kuwait s GREATTTT COUNTRY' lol

    1. I think you summarize it well......people here on average are spoilt and lazy...once all runs sorry bedouns will fare better...

  16. Here we go again YES yet another party in Mahboulah, Block 4. Building 13-(Blue windows next to the Circle Towers building and Bakala). This time it will be a Valentine Day party.

    I sincerely pray and hope that the General Administration of Criminal Investigation in compliance with the recent decree by the Kuwait Ministry of Interior Lieutenant-General Ghazi Al-Omar come and randomly stakeout the illegal parties routinely being held in this Mauboulah residential building mostly by Filipino nationals.

  17. Someone needs to brush up on their history. The US did not give Sadam permission to invade Kuwait because an Ambassador did not respond to a question he asked about invading Kuwait. When Iraq invaded and the Amir in Kuwait fled with his family to Saudi, the UN began sanctioning Iraq by (Embargo on oil Come on how dumb! The Iraqi's were chased out of Kuwait by a US LED invasion with mostly US troops which began in Saudi NOT Kuwait. They did not need an excuse to GET to Kuwait, the US was already there. If Kuwait was not liberated from Iraq, I assume no one posting on here partakes in the liberation day celebration? If you want to talk about stupid "redneck" driving, you don't find people parking and celebrating, and turning major roadways into giant party parks, driving the wrong way down the street, backing up for miles on the road because a driver missed his exit, rather than driving to the next road and turning around legally. But wait, I forgot who has time to drive right between all the nose picking, booger eating you see. Lets not be hypocrites here people..... Kuwait is rife with corruption, abuse and its not any one dynamic. Not all contractors are shitheads and respect the culture and if Kuwait was not liberated and still supported by and the Iraq threat still remained, your culture and lifestyles currently enjoyed would be vastly different. Kuwait signed a 10-year agreement for the US and eventually the UK and France to stay and assist the Kuwait military with training and technical support. I bet those sleeping in their beds today in Kuwait are really happy for the US/and other than Kuwait military presence in Kuwait, considering ISIS is at their back door.


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