Saturday, March 27, 2010

Almost settled in

Wow! What a whirlwind of events. I decided on Monday afternoon that I would move out the next day which means I would have to pack and move everything in less than 24 hours. This would be my 5th move in a year. If I'm not there to supervise I always end up losing items. Last time I lost all my satellites to the greedy movers. When there are 6 people moving you out it's so freakin' hard to keep track of all of them. This time I decided to supervise the 6 guys. In between supervising and physically moving items myself it was quite a job.

My brother-in-law brought some Indian movers this time as I've had problems with the Arab movers. No offense guys. So right away we set up a price which we all agreed upon. Last time I moved I was told don't worry we'll discuss the price when we finish. BIG mistake. They took me for 150 KD. The day started off really well. These guys were really good, they packed the truck full which means less trips and less money. First trip OK no problem. Second trip at 11 p.m wasn't going so good. They started moving slower and kinda throwing stuff around and complaining they were tired. I was moving items right along with them and I was as sore as they were.

By 12 a.m. I was physically done and exhausted. At that point I was like just put stuff wherever I don't care. We agreed to finish the last few items the next day. Now I was totally nice to these guys and gave them whole crap load of stuff so I thought they would be grateful. That is until I saw the guy with my shoes on! At 12 a.m. they began leaving to the elevator, I happened to look down at the guy's shoes and I thought hmmmm he has the same Nike shoes I do. HEY!!! those are MY shoes!!!!! I really didn't know what to do, should I snatch them off his feet? Do I really want them back after he has his feet in them? Although it killed me inside, I let him go.

The next day I realized why the guy took my shoes. I found his slippers outside on the balcony. OMG! He threw off his shoes and took mine. He also took my green Puma shoes that were sitting beside my Nike's. They were sitting by my bed because they were my fav shoes and I wore them all the time. Deep down I thought I was wrong so I looked everywhere for my shoes. No luck. Damn. Only 2 guys came the next day. One was working and the other was the driver who sat in his truck smoking. Mind you I got there early and moved the items outside the door to make it quicker for these guys to finish. Yeah right. Finally after 2 hours waiting for them to move 5 items I started putting stuff in the truck.

The driver guy kept asking for my small refrigerator. He asked me like 8 times if he could have it. Then at the truck he asked me for some chair that was in the house. Finally when we got to the new house he asked me for the Arabic wooden game I have. Man, he wouldn't quit asking for stuff even though I gave him a lot of items for free. My brother-in-law went down to pay the guy. The guy had the nerve to say the quote was only for him (this being the guy who sat smoking and didn't so anything) and that we would have to pay additional money to the other guy. WHY???? and then the guy had nerve to say I'm Amrikiya Bakheela, which means he said I'm a cheap American. So my brother-in-law told him to take all the free items off the truck and give them back. He decided to back off at that point. When you be nice to people they become greedy.

Does everyone think Americans are rich? I'm not a contractor anymore so I don't fit into the rich bracket. I'm just a normal person trying to stay afloat. I was going to recommend these guys because after all they did a good packing job. The guy packed boxes for me which was cool. But when he called me cheap I was ticked off and his homie stole my shoes. I had a dream about those shoes. I'm just about settled in now, I just have boxes that I look at and think where the heck am I going to put them? I tried my best to get rid of things I don't use. Of course I always use the excuse that I will use the stuff one day so I hold onto things I don't need. I need Oprah!


  1. You went thru a rollercoaster! lol I hate moving, I hated moving while I was in the states! That is one of the reasons I didn't move to a nicer apartment at the time! lol

    You were honestly too nice to them, I'm usually strict with any workers I hire and scare them to death so they don't do anything stupid and once the job is 100% complete I reward them with a decent tip.

    That guy was an ass and your brother-in-law did the right thing. And yes they all think Americans are really really rich! lol

  2. Yes, I hate that all the TCNs think that because we are American we are just filthy rich. If you want filthy rich, go move a Kuwaiti. I don't think they realize that some of these American contractors work 7 days a week/12 hour days. They work just as hard as the TCNs do.

    I'm all about helping people out but just like them, I have a life to live, a family to feed & bills to pay. My husband works his tail off, just like they do.

    And I must agree with Marzouq, you were way to nice but glad you got moved. :)


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