Monday, March 8, 2010

Fish Market, Al Kout Mall

Even though I have no idea how to cook fresh fish I still like to go to the market to see what creatures have been caught. Yes, the smell is fishy as expected but if you can manage to handle it for a few minutes you will see some beautiful fish. Huge shrimp and crabs everywhere and the colors are amazing. I guess they don't get too many American women coming through so everyone was more than willing to sell me something.

The fishermen set out in the morning with their traps and by evening time they bring their catch to the market to sell. I wish I knew how to cook fresh seafood but I don't. For the time being I will just visit the market, it's located in the back section of the mall.

The boats used for fishing.

The infamous Zubaidi fish on the left.

More fish and fresh crab on the right.

A selection of fish.

Fish Market, Al Kout Mall, Fahaheel

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