Monday, May 6, 2013

Aladdin House - Fintas

Ever since I moved to Kuwait the "Aladdin House" has intrigued me and considering my mom lives behind it I've been seeing it since I arrived in Kuwait. When I searched the internet I couldn't find too much information about it other than a few pictures from the past. The AWARE center is giving a tour for it's members in a couple of days and did not answer my email regarding contact info for non-members so I decided to find out on my own. I got the contact number for Adel Al-Sadoon the owner and an astronomer. He met us at the door and brought us into his family house, the house is amazing and so colorful. He is a historian and has a vast knowledge of Kuwait history which of course made me excited.

He has over 10,000 photos of Kuwait from the beginning until now and I wish I could sit down and look at every last picture. He has published a book about Kuwait history but he only has 3 copies so I'm hoping he will publish some more so I can get a copy. He was generous enough to give me a copy of his book "Kuwait in old maps" which was totally cool and I'm very thankful for the gift. He is quite eccentric and collects a lot of different items,  from his enormous book collection to the McDonald toys his daughter has a child there is something for everyone.

The house was built from his imagination 16 years ago and it would take me some time to see every piece he collects. His hobby is building train sets, he is currently working on an old western city complete with cowboys and saloons. He actually built a saloon that includes a switch to make it rain in his backyard until beladiya made him take it down which is sad because it looked like it was awesome inside and now it's an empty shell.

It took two months for the artists to complete the paintings.
I would like to thank Mr. Al-Sadoon for his time and I hope to visit again real soon.


  1. Can you please give me the contact details of the person so I could visit him and see the house. It is very beautiful. Please please please....

  2. I will get his contact info again as I had to actually go to the location and get the info so I will stop by soon and get it again.

  3. Are people actually allowed to take a tour in this house? cause I would sure love one !?? does he mind opening his house to people who want to see it?

  4. Oh yes, he loves to entertain, unfortunately I switched phones and lost his info so I will have to get it again and I will post it for those interested in visiting.

  5. Hey,
    I would like to visit Aladin house soon. Could you share with me phone number to the owner!

  6. Hello dear. Pls could you share his contact detail? Will appreciate it.


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