Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beware! Undercover police officers to monitor traffic Violations

Be Careful! That chick you're checking out might be a police officer taking down your license plate.

Officers in street clothes to detect traffic violations
KUWAIT: A traffic police unit dressed in civilian clothes has been assigned to detect violations as part of the Interior Ministry’s efforts to enforce the law on the roads around Kuwait. This was reported by Al-Rai yesterday quoting a security insider who indicated that General Director of the Traffic General Department, Major General Abdulfatah Al-Ali, had ‘carefully handpicked’ members of the squad whose job will be to detect traffic violators, note down their cars’ license plate numbers and report their violations. “Maj Gen Al-Ali was helped by traffic directorates in respective governorates, but selected the squad members personally,” said the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Meanwhile, the source indicated that the unit began its activity earlier this week and has so far managed to detect “a large number of reckless drivers, especially in Wafra.”
He added that a majority of violations detected were to do with driving on the street kerb and jumping red traffic lights, noting at the same time that the officers took photographs of the violators’ vehicles to serve as evidence.
Traffic department officers have been busy in recent years with crackdowns on violators, during which more than 300 expatriates were reportedly arrested and subsequently deported for repeated serious violations that included driving without a license, jumping the red traffic light and ferrying passengers illegally.
This just opens the door for so much corruption, now anyone can say they are an undercover cop and take your tag number. It's bad enough they write false information on the ticket now they can submit your tag on allegations of a traffic violation.


  1. its good that kuwait have a strict law...but that law is for the people dont have 'wasta here in kuwait' ..i really felt sorry and dissapointed..while i and my husband eating inside the restaurant while our xar is outside in the parking.somebody hit the backside of our car..we ran outside to talk to guy (old indian guy). he's drunkkkk(influence of alchohol)..we talked to him to pay for the damage.he dont want to pay that we called police..and that i know its not allowed in kuwait the i know the indian guy will have extra case because he is driving with influence of alcohol...buttt when were in the police station in salmiya.they let the drunk indian guy to let go!!.and the worst thing my husband need to pay the violation...whatttttt the hell..what the fucking law have kuwait so very very dissapoinyed..they said the wasta having 2 star....i feel so helpless we disturb.we lost money .we lost our right.....

  2. but the law of being strick is useless if you have wasta...its happened to my husband that his car hit by indian old drunk guy.(influence of alchohol) husband called a police for the incident..they went to police station.andcwe know that you if you caught driving with influence of alcohil its a big violation.specially here in kuwait that this country is not open or allowing alcohol...but were very dissapointed for what happend.the police let the indian drunk to leave the salmiya police station while my husband they let to wait for 2hours to take the investigation....whattttt the wasta can do....were so nuch dissapointed and helpless....and we need to pay 50kd for the police station and they change the sratement that my husband is not telling anything in poloce!!what!!????? we let us to wait for 2 hours.... while the drunk indian guy he left the police salmiya station....wowwww.what a strict law....hope they change this kind of things here.where is our right.we disturb for the accident done with that bad old drunk indian..were so helpless....


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