Friday, May 10, 2013

Fatima Al Qadiri - Gulf Futurism

Fatima Al Qadiri and Khalid Al Gharabali made this funny video about "chai dhaha" (which is a gathering of women who gossip and complain) and it is comedy.
Ever wonder why there are tissue boxes in every Kuwaiti house and car?
In the Gulf, the formula: Hygiene = Wealth is deeply embedded aka the more "hygienic," the wealthier a person. This post-oil obsession with hygienic products—wet wipes, disinfectants, tissue, hand sanitizers, etc, relates to a sanitized, generic aesthetic preferred in the Gulf. This behavior is an attempt to control the organic chaos of the original, pre-oil and dust-ridden environment. Behavior that has become more pronounced with the increased variety of local hygienic products, in line with consumerist tendencies.
Fatima is also know for her music, here is one of her older videos:

Warning: The above video contains butt shaking with Arab chicks dancing Ma'alaya style which is kind of like the Arab version of twerking (yes I used Miley Cyrus' video because her video was the only one that wasn't x rated)
Some more info about Fatima click here

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