Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rowdy Taco Kuwait

My sister and I attended the grand opening of Rowdy Taco last week and we had a great time! Rowdy Taco aka Rusty Taco is from Texas and offers a wide selection of tacos. They are open 24 hours and located in Alia and Ghalia Towers or Fintas Towers as the Americans call it.
 Managers from Texas
     Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, beef and chicken tacos
 Quesadilla and chicken salad
            Graphics were designed by a Kuwait artist.

They serve breakfast burritos all day, unfortunately they didn't have any dessert tacos thanks to Kuwaiti customs holding onto their special flour. I definitely want to try dessert once customs releases the flour from jail.


  1. I live in Alia Ghalia. And I was in the Reception and I saw someone taking pictures inside the restaurant. Maybe it was you

  2. There are many people who take pictures in Kuwait for their blogs and other media outlets.


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