Sunday, May 12, 2013

Best Western Hotel in Mahboula

Update: It's open and ready for business and Buffalo's is open as well.
I had noticed a big building going up across from my sister's apartment and it has turned into a Best Western Hotel complete with a gym, pool and two restaurants, one of them will be a new location for the Buffalo's that is currently across from McDonalds and the other will be a Lebanese restaurant Aubergine. It is set to open in a week but they are accepting people if they want to stay there now. There are Standard rooms going for 35 KD, Deluxe for 40 KD, Premium suite for 55 KD and Executive suite for 60 KD, there is also a 15% service charge. They offer a gym membership with access to the swimming pool but haven't finished the details for the price yet.


 Lebanese restaurant
All of the rooms and decor are scheduled to be finished after a week.

Telephone: 965- 23700300


  1. Only problem is that this is in a terrible area - mainly low income Arab expats and one bedroom/two bedroom apartments.
    Hopefully when the rebuild is finished it will go a bit more up market.

  2. True, but I think they are trying to give more hotel locations to Westerners as the Hilton is the only decent one in the area.

  3. But when would westerners actually come stay in a hotel in Kuwait? Most westerners who visit are coming to see family or are contractors.

  4. It would most likely be contractors, we have a lot of corporate guys coming this way to check up on projects and some family visit as most contractors live in shared housing and don't have much privacy. Only time will tell what will happen to it but everyone will probably only go there for the restaurants.

  5. would you know the contact numbers for this hotel? I cant find it on google? :)


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