Friday, May 24, 2013

AWARE center- Diwaniya- culture and Kuwait


May 28 @ 7 pm

By Dr. Teresa Lesher Culture, which can be defined as the production & distribution of meaning, influences our personal values & social practices as well as our perceptions of others and our sense of well-being in a community. Join Dr. Teresa Lesher on May 28 at 7 pm for a 45-minute presentation that explores various aspects of culture and their impact on personality, contrasts North American and Arab culture with examples common in everyday life, and summarizes Kuwait's cultural profile from different perspectives. This information is useful for expats as they adapt to cultural differences in Kuwait & identify the sources of its rich cultural heritage. Our fellow friends from Boston College will be joining us in this diwaniya. Dr. Teresa Lesher holds her PhD in Information Science from the UK and is now associate professor at the Kuwait College of Basic Education. She held the position of General Manager of the AWARE Center for three years and returns often to host presentations related to Arab and Islamic culture.

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