Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mama Lita Mexican Restaurant

When Lita's first opened I stopped by but there was no carne asada so I never ate there, it closed down for some time but has reopened a couple of months ago. As recommended by one of the General Dynamic guys I decided to give it a try. Khalid, the owner is Kuwaiti-Mexican and brought a chef from Mexico to cook. 

 Horchata.....Yum!!!!!!! After taking a sip it reminded me of California
 Roberto the Mexican chef, yes from Mexico, not Filipino as one blogger thought.
 Mama Lita's nachos
 Pico de gallo, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
 Carne asada burrito with red and green salsa
I had to try the barbacoa tacos and instantly I was taken back to the weekend in Tijuana with friends who had to have tacos at 3 a.m. Barbacoa slow roasted beef and pico de gallo, simple but oh so good.
They serve tamales but were out at the time because the corn masa was running low, I will be back to try those as well. Everything is made fresh and I want the recipe for the pico de gallo! There were so many other items I wanted to try but I was totally full. My only concerns were the carne asada was small strips of beef not actually the same cut as we get in the states and the prices are a little steep. I know it's more expensive because most of the ingredients are imported but I will go again.
I really need to meet some Mexican ladies who will invite me over for dinner! The restaurant is open from 4 am- 11 pm and they deliver all over Kuwait.


  1. I like the restaurant too and Im happy to have more mexican food in q8 town, Carne Asada is any meat that is grilled, the typical flank steak is served at restaurants with tortillas in a side while the street taco vendors in mexico grill the meat in front of you and cut it into strips or small cubes and put it straight on the tortilla as tacos :) yum. I'll invite you soon for a mexican dish.

  2. Sounds good! I will wait for your invite, yeah I remember my friends cooking up carne asada and nopales during the weekend barbeques. I really miss those days!

  3. I love some of your recommendations, but you don't always put where they are. Where is this place located? Been looking for a good Mexican place.

  4. Sorry 'bout that, I will include locations in the future, thanks for the suggestion. This restaurant is located in Mahboula, block 1, st 30 but the easiest way is to exit on 210 towards Gulf Road, take the first right heading toward Mahboula, proceed straight down the road (there are no U-turns) after a metal construction fence on the right side will be the restaurant with an out door seating area. Coordinates: Lita (Mexican Restaurant) @29.153178,48.116303


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