Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elevation Burger

On my way home from work my mom called to invite me for an early dinner at Elevation Burgers in the new Menu Plaza. Personally I don't really care for hamburgers but had to give into my mom. She ordered a double burger and fries for each of us. It was 2.500 KD just for the burger itself not including the fries and drinks. The burger and fries arrived in a baking pan which was kind of odd but every restaurant is trying to come up with something unique I guess.

The fries reminded me of IN-N-OUT burger in California only the pieces were a lot shorter which I didn't like, maybe they were the last little crumb pieces of fries left over. The burger was juicy and tasted good but again a burger is a burger to me, nothing spectacular. I also tried one of their cookies which was really good and included organic ingredients. The fries are cooked in olive oil and the cows are grass fed according to mom. It looks like Millions of Milkshakes, Lorenzo, Stone Grill and a sandwich shop will open at some point. Food, food and more food!

My son and nephew enjoyed it, for me it was aight'. 


  1. Hubby took me and the kids last week.
    We thought it was a tad expensive as chips arent included but I assume that's due to the environmental nature of the product.
    Thought the burger was perhaps one of THE most delicious I've ever had in Kuwait .
    So good in fact that my 'eww icky' daughter was convinced at the ripe old age of 12 to have her very first cheeseburger ever.....

  2. Wow, 12 years old and not a single burger? I must admit the burger was really juicy and I could see myself visiting there every once in a while. I think they also have a low carb option with the burger wrapped in lettuce which is good if you are not eating carbs.

  3. No, she's had burgers alone, without cheese or bread roll but never a full thing- she has a problem combining foods lol.....
    I'm sure if you asked for the lettuce instead they would do it.


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