Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wedding food dumped in garbage in Saudi Arabia

Asian workers were caught on camera dumping a massive quantity of excess food left over from a Saudi wedding into the garbage, triggering strong criticism from viewers.

A YouTube film published by ‘Ajel’ newspaper showed the workers emptying hundreds of large dishes into the bins, which appeared to be filled up.

“Look how extravagant these weddings are and that food could have been given to the poor instead of being thrown into the garbage,” a viewer said, according to the paper.

Another reader said the food could have been donated to a new charity project dubbed ‘excess food gathering’ to be distributed to those who need it.

The paper did not say where in Saudi Arabia the film was taken.
So sad to see so much food wasted when there are so many people going hungry.


  1. You did a post in July of 2014, about a company that would pick up leftover food in Kuwait and give it to poor people. Maybe someone should start doing the same in KSA?

  2. That would be a great idea, I also think they shouldn't set out all of the food at once rather give it out as needed. I'm sure some of those dishes have been barely touched but deemed no good afterwards. Instead dish it out as people need it and any leftovers can be given to the needy. But rich people only care about impressing others not what they are wasting.

    The mentality of people needs an overhaul, only then will we see positive changes.


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