Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saeed & Samir Bookstore- Laila Gallery

I came across this bookstore when visiting Laila Gallery, it has a wide variety of children's books and activities. From fairy tales to IGSCE help there is a wide variety for every child.

 Games and activity books

 Sitting area to relax and check out some good books

 There's a store next to it called Twins and Siblings selling different kinds of baby items.

The telephone number for Saeed & Samir is 25721168, open from 9-1/5-10 pm Sun-Thurs, Friday 12:30-4:30 and Sat 5-10pm.


  1. Thanks a lot for posting this. Its very hard to find a good bookstore in Kuwait. Specially for those who love to read.

  2. If you love to read you should check out our books at Operation Hope, there are so many to choose from with a price of .500 fils. This Saturday is our last opening for the season and will be having a huge yard sale. It's in Rumathiya and you can search for Operation Hope on my blog to get more info.


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