Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kuwait airlines considered a 'crappy' airline to some People

"A crane? A falcon? A big chicken?"

"When I arrived at JFK, I approached a plane so tired-looking it might as well have been a Douglas DC-3. The blue and white livery sported nothing more than the airline’s name and an unidentifiable bird — speculation on the internet ranges between crane, stork, falcon, and “big chicken.”"
You can read the full article here.


  1. Its not a crappy airline to some people. Its a crappy airline from a crappy and backward country for all people outside to Kuwait who laugh at its no alcohol policy when other Gulf airlines like Emirates happily serve it. This airline and country is only fit for third class refugees travelling to and from the Indian subcontinent.

    1. At least Kuwait doesn't flog people and stone people to death unlike the UAE and Qatar... Last week, the UAE sentenced a guy to 100 lashes

      Kuwait will always be more civilized than the other Gulf countries, as evidenced by the fact 99.9% of Qatari/Emirati women wear the black abaya and black hijab all the time... unlike Kuwaiti girls who are allowed to wear jeans in public. Emirati girls who dare to wear jeans in public are labelled sluts by society.

      Kuwait Airways won't serve alcohol because the airline is designed for Kuwaiti customers, the Kuwaiti parliament banned alcohol in Kuwait Airways. That's democracy, the parliament represents the people. Get over it, no one is forcing you to try Kuwait Airways. The CEO of Kuwait Airways recently said the airline is trying to attract Kuwaitis only.


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