Monday, February 2, 2015

Fun City - Al Salam Mall

Along with the other two stores Landmark Group also opened 'Fun City' for the kids to hang out. I love the water ride, my kids will love that.

 Bumper cars
 Water ride will definitely be a hit

 Claim you prizes!
 Of course it was catered by Zafran which is under Landmark Group, the grilled chicken and shrimp samples were sooooo good.
It's located on the third floor and is open now.


  1. Hi, where is al salam mall ?

  2. It's on the street behind Marina Mall, if you pass Marina Mall it's on the corner where the old souk starts, across from it there is a construction project going on.

  3. what is the phone number of fun city in Kuwait ? what is the time open and close ?

  4. I don't have the number but it's open during the hours the mall is open I assume.


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