Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kuwait Car Accidents

Just a few samples of Kuwait car accidents, theft and funny things

This is the car that was seen in  video from Kuwait up to date showing a Hummer H3 backing out and hitting this car several times before running off.
It was once parked straight until the H3 got to it, we reported it to the security but the owner couldn't be found, that must really suck to come and find your car damaged
This Cadi was left overnight in Shuwaikh waiting for a paint job the next day, it was on the night of the black out and someone stole 3 tires and rims

This is what's left of someone running into parked cars in Jabriya near the round about. It looks like someone came from the street directly into the cars. That is why I fear parking my car next to the street.

Never know when you need two tires
Always something to see here.

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