Friday, February 6, 2015

Carnival City- Layaly Febrayer 2015

Al Watan introduces Carnival City being held at the Mishref Fairgrounds from Feb 6-27, 2015. There will be several shows including an ice sculpture show and many others held daily. Other attractions include Taste of Kuwait, Banat w Bas, Teatro Musr, The Smurfs, Shadow Theater, Snow City and much more.  There is a schedule but unfortunately it's in Arabic so someone will have to translate, sometimes I get the feeling that non-Arabic speaking expats are totally left out of any celebratory activities because no matter how much I beg on IG no one will write their information in English.

You can find the Arabic schedule of events on their website and IG account @layalyfebrayer I couldn't get any information on the price of tickets because the link to buying tickets takes me to Taw9eel which doesn't show any details.

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