Saturday, February 7, 2015

1001 Inventions Exhibition

 I was invited to check out the '1001 Inventions Exhibition' and I must say it was a really beautiful set up. The whole production was done in 2 months, an amazing time frame considering it normally takes upwards of 4 months to complete. You will have a short film starring Ben Kingsly and then you will enter the production starring local actors. They each have a character of a famous inventor and will tell you their story in both English and Arabic.

There are interactive set ups in which you can hear stories and participate in helping diagnose a patient.

 My shaky video....

It's located in the Scientific Center's tent, 2 KD for tickets or 1.5KD if you buy the ticket along with other SC packages. Sun-Thurs 9-1pm/4:30-9:30, Fri 2-pm and Sat 9-9:0pm. Drop by and help support the local actors, it's definitely a colorful learning experience.

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