Friday, April 3, 2015

Fast & Furious 7

I remember watching the first part in California with the Supra club. There was a car show in the parking lot with a lot of excitement. I remember the casting call for cars and people, meeting the owner of the Supra featured in the movie and encouraging my ex to take his Supra to the casting call. 

I stopped watching the film when they stopped featuring the Supra and I have never brought myself to watch Tokyo Drift, I watched the one with The Rock because he is great eye candy but I will definitely be watching this one because there are just too many good looking guys to pass up. I do miss the simplicity of the first ones though.

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  1. LOL. ;).

    I like mustangs myself even though they fall apart and don't hold well. And I don't have a DL so I should shut up.

    Really, the photo guy, I don't think any of them are cute, but him in the movie "Running Scared". That was an awesome gangsta action movie with a theme----and a cool car---of--what true evil is---worthy of literature, so respect to the (now dead?) actor dude.


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