Friday, April 10, 2015

#irespectlife- Akon concert event Cancelled

This reminds us we are from from comparing ourselves to the UAE and that conservatives rule. What's worse is knowing that Kim Kardashian received a Hollywood welcome when she visited Kuwait and she's famous for her sex tape.

Well Mr. Akon, you can always try out one of the many burger joints we have here now that you are not going to be busy tomorrow, Love Kuwait.

UPDATE: Akon is disappointed- story link

Let's all remember Kim Kardashian's visit:
Akon is axed because he says bad words yet Kim is treated like royalty because she actually DID a sex tape, drinking, posing naked and had so many boyfriends? Her chest is exposed and I'm surprised to see the Kuwaiti guy holding her hand as she cut the ribbon, but Muslim Akon is cut off. What's the real stories behind these events because I don't think the public is getting all the information.


  1. I just found out today that he made a song with other singers directly offending rich Arabs and mixing versus from the Holy Quran with profane words like the F word in the song... I won't be sharing the song ...

  2. v LOVE U kiimmmmm.Bible.
    Omg i still cant believe she came to Kuwait.


    This egyptian musician came to Kuwait recently for a concert, he was welcomed with a red carpet. The concert was for Egyptian expats in Kuwait. They have a camp event for one day where its non-stop music, DJs, fireworks, activities and dancing. They call it ''pacha kuwait open day''.

    Look at the event pictures

    Nancy Ajram and Mohamed Hamaki are coming to Kuwait soon for another concert (organized by pacha kuwait). Another egyptian band WAMA is coming to Kuwait for a concert

    How come all of those musicians come to Kuwait but akon isn't allowed?

    Something's sketchy about this whole thing, the government didn't give a clear reason explaining why they canceled the akon event. In the parliament, there are only 3 Islamist MPs. Only two MPs criticized the akon concert, the rest 48 MPs didn't say anything. It makes no sense to cancel a concert because of the opinion of two MPs.

    Many concerts happen in Kuwait every week by Bollywood indian stars and Filipino celebrities, including music with very sexual tone and provocative. They're all welcome in Kuwait but akon isn't


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