Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ministry of Interior (MOI) Fire

From the pictures I've seen on IG @officialkfsd this was a massive fire, let the chaos begin. Were there no sprinklers? I know that a lot of the buildings are so old and run down but I'm not sure of this location.  Oh how sorry I feel for the people that will be affected by this. Story link

BTW I think firemen are 'hot'.

Hey Kuwait Page, if you're going to use my post at least give me credit instead of stealing it and watermarking your name all over a picture that's not yours!
I really get sick of people stealing my posts, I don't mind if you use it, just give me credit. I know there's another page that occasionally gives credit but takes what they please. I see Mark's posts stolen as well, it's a shame that people take, take, take.

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  1. Are there no remote servers, located off-site?
    Are there no emergency redundancy systems?
    The MOI IT department should know better...
    But hey - maybe someone will get a VERY large IT contract to fix it all now, right?

    And yes, Kuwaiti firemen are super hot! LOL!!!


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