Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kuwait a dream Country?

Kuwait wants to be among the most civilized nations in the world and strives to become a financial hub in the region to lure foreign investments. This can only be done if there are encouraging signs that would lure the foreign investors or tourists to come here and explore such mouth-watering opportunities.
The first bad habit seen in Kuwait and makes foreign tourists or investors turn their attention from Kuwait away is the road congestion. You used to travel from Hawally to Salmiya in less than 10 minutes few years back. Now, you would need an hour to an hour and half to reach your destination. Going to work also takes you two hours sometimes if you don’t leave home early. Going out nowadays is becoming a nightmare for all, and many people think twice before leaving home to visit a relative or even do some groceries as traffic is so bad and intolerable.
You can read the full story here. I remember hearing the name 'sheraka' when they called the tea boy, I really thought all of the guys had the same name until I realized they were actually calling all of them 'company' in Arabic not by their names. I like this journalist because he brings problems into the light even though no one really cares or makes any changes.

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