Thursday, April 9, 2015

Restaurants in IKEA

 If anyone is looking for a reasonable place to eat steak try the restaurant upstairs in IKEA. Where else can you find a T-Bone steak for 4.750 KD?  I think it was 3.950 KD when I had it a few years ago but either way it's cheaper than the 10 KD ones you find in some restaurants and they aren't even that good.

 If they can sell food at low prices why can't everyone else?

It's a cute little place to visit while shopping in The Avenues.
 Downstairs there is a 'bistro' where I buy my combo- shawerma, potato wedges and drink for 750 fils, if you want a shake it comes up to 1 KD.

There is different kinds of ice cream and frozen yogurt available as well.

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  1. I always recommend everyone to go to Ikea restaurant whenever @avenues. As the food is very affordable & Tasty at the same time. You wont find that kind of pricing any wear else in the avenues specially if you are trying to avoid fast food Joints.


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