Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mubarakiya School Museum

On December 22, 1911 the School of Mubarakiya was opened. It all started when Sheikh AlQanai'e led the move to ask people to donate and make a collective effort to establish and construct the first formal school in Kuwait, leading to the opening of the School of Mubarakiya named after the ruler at the time Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah. The school was built for around 80,000 rupees collected from various donors and citizens. It was built in a short span of 10 months, the first batch of included 254 students.

Al Mubarakiya School ratified fees were based on the student's social and financila status. High Class students paid 2 rupees, middle class 1 rupee and poor students were free.

The museum is located off to the side of Mubarakiya down the narrow road that leads to main road. They are closed on Sunday and have morning/afternoon timings.

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