Thursday, June 20, 2013

Private school Fees in Kuwait- way too much????

I've been looking into private school fees and I wonder how much these schools charged when they first open. I can understand the exorbitant fees if the kids were receiving a Harvard education but we all know they aren't really what they seem. I really like how some label themselves as "non-profit" but still charge an arm and a leg.
Here is some information on school fees:

 The American Baccalaureate School

 American Creativity Academy

 American School of Kuwait

 American United School of Kuwait (previously American University School of Kuwait)

 New English School- Kuwait

The Universal American School

The newest school is American University School of Kuwait, if grade 4-5 is 5500 KD how much would high school be, 10,000KD?


  1. Thanks for these informations
    you're right it's absoletly crazy, do you have such informations for arabic school.
    I'm new in kuwait, i didn't know yet if i will bring my childs to study here with such fees.
    Thanks again

  2. Arabic private schools are around 300 kd. but the education is so terrible.

  3. Yes, that's true. However, a majority of parents who send their children to these schools, have the fees paid by their employer.

  4. Oh how I wish I worked for one of those companies that paid for the fees instead I've paid schooling for 3 kids for 10 years.

  5. Its expensive cuz its a bitter sweet symphony thats life, try to make ends meet, try to find some money then you die:)

  6. These are really sky rocketing prices!!!!! I wonder how the fees are for A.U.K.!!!

  7. Actually in Kuwait prices are not as high as in South Korea or Japan...For KG 2 we paid 32,000 USD in Seoul. Japan - about 27,000 USD. So I decided to come back and stop complaining about life here :)

  8. We are moving now from the UK, where my kids each cost about 9 thousand pounds annually (I have three). I've just learned to accept if u take them to private schools, u pay.

  9. Yes but does the private education here compare favourably with the private education in the UK?

    1. It doesn't compare....when the kids take the exams only a couple will pass...and the costs of exams is 700 kd. The parents have to put them back in school for another year and once again pay for exams.


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