Friday, February 28, 2014

American University School of Kuwait - the most expensive school in Kuwait?

Here is the new AUS building across from Mishref, it's a huge building which includes a climbing wall and tablets for their electronic education but who would pay their high fees? site link

Assessment Fee (Pre K – Grade 1)100Non-Refundable
Assessment fee collected from prospective students are adjusted against 1st installment tuition fee.
Assessment Fee (Grade 2 – Grade 8)150Non-Refundable
Assessment fee collected from prospective students are adjusted against 1st installment tuition fee.
Pre-K 4,500Please refer to item 1 below *
Kindergarten4,800Full time
Grades 1-35,000Please refer to item 1 below
Grades 4-55,500Please refer to item 1 below
Grades 6-86,000Please refer to item 1 below
Enrollment Deposit (New Students)500Non-Refundable, but adjusted towards tuition fee
Enrollment Deposit (Returning Students)200Non-Refundable, but adjusted towards tuition fee
Round trip routes350Per Year
One way route180Per Year
Round trip routes180Per Semester
One way route100Per Semester
After School/Special ActivitiesTBDPer Semester - Refer to item 3 below
Extended Day Program  
Pre-KTBDFall Semester
Pre-KTBDSpring Semester

* Partial day Kindergarten - 4500 KD

The tuition covers the use of Tablet + E-textbooks, Breakfast & Lunch, one set of summer uniform, one set of winter uniform, one set of P.E. uniform and a school study Pack that includes stationery and notebooks.

a) Full payment
All student fees and charges are paid one week prior to their first day of attendance. This means that parents pay in full the fees and charges upon completion of their registration. For example, after consideration of the student’s enrollment deposit, the total fee to pay at registration for a child in Pre-K is KWD 3,900.

b) Deferred Payment Plan
Should a parent decide to participate in the Deferred Payment Plan, he/she pays 50% of his/her child’s tuition and fees upon completion of his/her child’s registration (inclusive of the Assessment Fee and Enrollment Deposit). The remaining 50% is paid in two installments.
Deferred Payment Plan
First Installment50% of tuition fee due prior to first week of school
Second Installment40% of tuition fee due prior December 5
Third Installment10% of tuition fee due prior March 5
How much is 9-12 going to be? 10,000 KD? I don't think Harvard costs as much as this school does. I thought 2,600 KD a year for high school was a lot. After reading the teacher's profiles it looks as if it's a bunch of first-timers to the Middle East, the Kuwaiti kids are going to tear them up, they don't know what's coming.


  1. The school increased their enrollment by 200%. So someone is paying. Oh and there is currently a waiting list.

  2. Are you serious? In the end we all know it's about prestige, rich people who put their kids in the school just to brag and outdo their friends. I'm thinking of stopping by just to take a look and see what kind of education one gets for the price of a house.

  3. Did you ever end up going for a tour? If so, any insight you can share with us? Is it worth the cost?

  4. I totally forgot about it, thanks for reminding me. I have some free time these days so I just might do it tomorrow or the next day.

  5. This school is a sham when it comes admissions. You pay for their "admissions assessment" which is an exorbitant fee compared to other schools, thinking that you would at least get some feedback (which they do not provide you with - A major red flag) and in the end it does not matter how well your child did. All that matters is how much you can bribe or the "Wasta" that you used. A child with an A+ report card has the same chance as a child with F; as long as you can pay more or prove your political/ societal influence.

  6. is this school fees of 6000 kwd per year or per 3 months?

  7. I am currently in states and I was trying to enroll my daughter online. But, after several attempts of contacting the admissions team and guidance counselor for the last two months, I think I will send my daughter to a boarding school. There is no reason that there should be broken links on there website, no admissions application, and no response from the school for the cost of this tuition. For the cost of the tuition every teacher in the school should have a PhD and an ivy league education.


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