Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Gate Mall - Egaila

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I'm guessing this is the real version of mall.
Gate Mall
  • Location : Al Fintas
  • Contract value (Dinars) : 12000000
  • Date of contract : 2011
  • Contract duration : 36 months
  • Floors : 5
  • Land Area m2 : 15000
Another shopping area with Al Shaya store brands because there isn't enough shopping areas already. The salaries of people living in Kuwait should be raised since shopping is the only recreational thing to do. I saw some ads for jobs on Bayt for this location so if anyone is looking for a job....more pics...

Check out this website for some sick palaces and residential projects, see how the rich folks live.


  1. GPS coordinates please

  2. Dear Crazy,
    If you went to the malls in the north of Kuwait you will see the REAL REAL version of malls.

    like ( The Avenues, 360 mall, Souq Shark, Al-Salheya mall, Al-Hamra mall and more and more. This is all I have on mind at the moment).
    To know their locations, I think you should check your GPS.

    And thank you for posting stuff about my country <3

  3. If any cinema inside


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