Monday, February 3, 2014

Kuwait is "Fat -- Fatter -- The Fattest"

Once upon a time women used to cook food for the family and today Colonel Sanders does. If people would eat less and exercise more there wouldn't be such a problem. Considering the population of big people there are few clothing stores that cater to them. The number of restaurants continue to rise and rise with no end in sight.

Today's paper:

Arab Times:
Kuwait comes in second, next to the USA in obesity cases
KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: Kuwait comes in second, next to the United States of America, on the number of obesity cases around the world with 48 percent among women and 36 percent among men, reports Al-Seyassay daily quoting Director of the Health Promotion Administration at the Ministry of Health Dr Abeer Al-Bahwa. Speaking on the sidelines of the second press conference to announce the campaign to combat obesity slated for Feb 5-7 at Costa del Sol Hotel, Al- Bahwa revealed it has also been found that 52.5 of the women are overweight – the fifth cause of death throughout the world.

Al-Bahwa then stressed the need to raise public awareness on the dangerous effects of obesity on people’s health. She affirmed the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with other ministries, had presented numerous plans to address this problem. She added the ministry also conducts awareness campaigns regularly to keep the people informed on the nature, prevention and treatment of obesity.

Yet there are more restaurants coming......


  1. Exercising is boring. Eating is Fun.Come join us all Fatties.

  2. hahaha.....can't people just close their mouths? Isn't there like 1 restaurant for every 5 people in Kuwait, and still more to come.

  3. Kuwait doesn't have enough restaurant, all of them get crowded during weekends. Eg: TGI Friday & pizza hut (they have a waiting list) i have no time to wait, I am hungry now.
    They need to be at-least 100 More then they can stop or slow down.

  4. If you don't like waiting or crowds you can have them deliver, this way even the fattest of people don't have to move anything but their dial the number or book it via mobile/laptop. Simple!


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