Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shakshooka Market and the Police

I finally got around to checking out Shakshooka Market at their Yarmouk location. The idea is great but this time it was in a parking lot with minimal lighting which made it hard to see the products. I did find a Mexican booth with home made tortillas and sangria. I bought one of the hand made Mexican dolls for my daughter, you can follow the owner @analandeta on Instagram.

One of the Ministry trucks showed up and people started packing up, at one point they thought it was ok to stay but then I saw one of the grey police vehicles roll thru with the lights on so I figured the police would soon show up so we left. When I got home I checked out my Instagram and saw they had moved to another location because of the cops.


  1. there is an event on 5th and 6th march in AOU, it has so many in it, even Talent show fire works,car shows, and so on, starts at 11am.

    relate to national day

  2. Thanks neo, long time no you know the times?

  3. 5-6 March 2014
    starts at 11am ends at 5pm


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